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CNH Industrial believes that its employees
are the force behind Company performance at all levels
and the key to achieving its business targets.

Investing in Our People

The 5 leadership principles

We are a meritocracy

​We are committed to recognizing and rewarding the achievements and contributions of our people.​

Leadership is a function of leading change and leading people

​We believe that leadership skills include both the ability to lead change and to lead people.​

We embrace and cherish competition

​To ensure survival, we must match or exceed the speed of the market which requires us welcome competition.​

We aim to achieve best-in-class performance

​The targets we set and the strategic plans we implement clearly show we aim to achieve best-in-class performance.​

We deliver what we promise

​We are fully committed to delivering what we promise - not just to our leaders, but to every employee throughout the Company.​

​​​Performance and leadership management

Within our Company, the basis for the majority of salaried employees’ development process is the Performance & Leadership Management (PLM) model.

With the purpose of establishing transparent, bi-lateral communication between managers and employees, this model encourages them to define together how they can improve and develop the organization results and ascertain whether they are working effectively towards achieving agreed objectives.

​​People development

We strive to provide our employees with growth opportunities and professional development within a culture that values flexibility, sustainability and innovation.

The internal growth of our own resources is key to ensuring the long-term success of the Company. Accordingly, we carry out actions aimed at giving opportunities to each employee, based on achieved results and demonstrated leadership, as per our meritocratic culture.

Training opportunities are designed to enable our people to perform their roles effectively, and in doing so, contribute to the achievement of the Company’s business objectives.