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Innovative and Sustainable Products


​CNH Industrial understands that it is part of its customers' value chain. Customers use CNH Industrial products in their work, and so their safety, and efficiency are key since they increase productivity.

All aspects related to user safety, quality and environmental impact are evaluated right from the product design phase.​

CNH Industrial: Product Life Cycle

​​​​​​​​​​​CNH Industrial adopts an eco-design approach, employing solutions in the design phase that:

  • reduce CO2 and oth​​er polluting emissions
  • eliminate the presence of hazardous substances
  • increase efficiency during use
  • lengthen intervals between maintenance cycles
  • reduce noise emissions
  • use materials and components that are easily recoverable or recyclable
  • use easy-to-dismantle components that can be remanufactured

 As of 2016, CNH Industrial has set 20 long-term​ targets linked to the United Nation's Su​​​stainable Development Goals (SDGs).